I have already mentioned that a show like the Unicorn Hunters Show would have occurred to someone eventually.

The Unicorn Hunters Show has opened up the previously behind-closed-doors or by-invitation-only world of venture capital investing and similar, to all.

Another key element of Silicon Valley is their network, in that one venture capitalist would look up their Rolodex of other venture capitalists to join in on the funding round, thereby repeating a cycle of the same venture capitalists funding start-ups for decades.

There is nothing cloak-and-dagger about how Silicon Valley operates — it is just that, for decades until now…

Unicorn Hunters Show S1 E5 | July 06, 2021 | Carbon Collect Ltd’s MechanicalTrees

Is Carbon Collect Ltd a future unicorn?

The Start-up

Carbon Collect Limited (formerly Silicon Kingdom Holdings Limited, the name change was April-2021, dating the episode’s recording to before April-2021) is in the capture and re-use of CO2 to provide a ‘green CO2’ alternative to existing CO2 produced from fossil fuels. This market includes food and beverage manufacturing, industrial use cases, and agricultural uses. The MechanicalTrees™ operates onsite and eliminates transport and logistics.

The Ask

Carbon Collect Limited’s current valuation is $55m, from previous funding of $15m, indicating ~27.3% of equity was given up.

REVIEW: Unicorn Hunters Show S1 E4 | June 21, 2021 | Intrommune Therapeutics, Inc.

Why Intrommune will NOT become a UNICORN

The Start-up

Intrommune Therapeutics Inc., founded in 2015, is a is a New York City-based biotechnology company dedicated to simplifying allergy immunotherapy.

Intrommune’s core technology enables immunotherapeutic agents to be delivered in a specially formulated toothpaste designed to incorporate and stabilize allergenic proteins, representing a new therapeutic approach for the treatment of peanut and other food allergies.

Conducting allergy immunotherapy via teeth brushing is referred to as oral mucosal immunotherapy (OMIT). …

REVIEW: Unicorn Hunters Show S1 E3 | June 7, 2021 | Starton Therapeutics

Why Starton Therapeutics can become a UNICORN 🦄

The Start-up

Starton Therapeutics Inc., founded in 2017, is a clinical-stage biotechnology company focused on improving standard-of-care therapies for people with cancer with proprietary transdermal technology (skin patch). We use continuous delivery of proven, FDA-approved, active ingredients to develop and bring products to market with new indications or with superior outcomes in existing indications.

Program #01 — STAR-LLD is a continuous delivery system of lenalidomide (active medication in Revlimid), developing both a subcutaneous and a transdermal formulation for multiple indications in chronic lymphocytic leukemia, in multiple myeloma…

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Can Unicorn Hunters show disrupt Shark Tank?

In 2013, Aileen Lee, a venture capitalist and Founder of Cowboy Ventures, gave us the term unicorn to represent (and set apart from other start-ups) start-ups with a valuation of USD$1 billion or more. Read the 2013 article Welcome To The Unicorn Club: Learning from Billion Dollar Start-ups here.

Due to that ground-breaking article, the word unicorn may have minted more new entrepreneurs and potential entrepreneurs in the past 8 years, than any other word or factor.

In 2021, with ~ 690 unicorn companies globally, and a new unicorn every few days, The Unicorn Hunters TV Show…

Unicorn Hunters TV Show S1 E2 on Mon May 24th, 2021

#unicornhuntershow #unicorn #unicornstartups

Chart by Shanaz Sukhdeo

The Start-up
FORTË is a tech company that enables gyms to create a premium digital experience. FORTË does this by providing a fully-automated hardware and software streaming solution for gyms to leverage their workouts to their membership, at-home and also to non-members, by interfacing with FORTË’s front-end platform.

FORTË website states: Founded in 2015, FORTË has revolutionized the fitness industry by providing access to avant-garde boutique studio classes coached by leading fitness experts worldwide. …

Unicorn Hunters Start-up Review S1 E1 on Mon May 10th, 2021

#unicornhuntersshow #unicorn

Chart by Shanaz Sukhdeo

See the two validating updates discovered after I tweeted this article [scroll to the end]

The Start-up
Far UV Technologies is a 4-year old manufacturer and retailer of products for far ultraviolet light disinfection, in occupied settings (human-safe), to stem the spread of Covid-19.

The Ask
$20m for 20% in equity (first and hopefully only financing before an IPO). If realised, the start-up would be valued at $100m. At the indicated 40% net margin, the expectation would be $250m in revenues, in a reasonable time frame.

The Product(s) and Technology
It is important to note that even though a technology (UVC)…


This website is created to review the investability of every start-up showcased on the recently launched Unicorn Hunters Show. Hopefully, this will be beneficial to the at-home investors.

The length of each review is hard to ascertain up front. How much is too much info to read and how much is too little. With the at-home investors investing multiples of $1,000, they require a fair amount of detail to help them decide. Even though the use of technical terms is inevitable, as much as possible, layperson terms will be used.

The idea occurred as I watched the first episode…

[helping the at-home investor do the homework]

This Website’s Raison D’etre

This website is created to review the investability of every start-up showcased on the recently launched Unicorn Hunters Show. Hopefully, this will be beneficial to the at-home investors.

The idea occurred as I watched the first episode of Unicorn Hunters Show and asking myself right then if to review each start-up. Soon after I decided to do so and set about researching the first start-up on the show.

The length of each review is hard to ascertain up front. How much is too much info to read and how much is too little…

Shanaz Sukhdeo

Mc Donald’s, Coca Cola, Toyota and so many others have earned huge profits in overseas markets. This is because the rules of business that allow them to earn profits in their home markets are applicable in almost every overseas market. Likewise, I use the same universal business rules you rely on, to analyse the investability of these start-ups (and we probably read the same business magazines).

Shanaz Sukhdeo

Accounting | Company Valuations | Incorporations | Trade Marks

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